About us (Asad and Sons)

Asad and Sons was founded in Sep of 1993, in a small industrial estate in Sialkot city. About us It was a small family busine


About us and tack family

About us family business that prides itself and trying to constantly better to batter our customer service and becomes very famous tack manufacture locally and some peoples starts selling it after buying from us. All the customers have to come on our production unit to see the samples and the range of our tack productions.

About Our Experiences

Since our founding Asad and Sons has grown up to become a trendsetter in the equine industry. Because of the manufacture ring skills, we were competing with some of the biggest names around this field. With over decades combined experience in the equine industry. we developed it in a wholesale team combines and Starts online selection to save the time and money for our VIP customers and regulars customers. Because we always thinks about ours customers .

Our working knowledge of the horse equine world with sound business practices made a best online company and customer services platform.

We strive to bring the public incredibly affordable horse tack without sacrificing the qualities because we are the experts of equine industry and leading equine products.

We have focus on the prices too that’s why our high volume buying power with innovative business tactics allowing us to keep our prices competitive low from the other manufacturers, and pass those savings onto our reliable customers. We’re constantly working towards to improve our products quality and quantity range and offering a better selection for our customers to buy more and sell more.

Asad and sons is proud to serve the globally tack marketplace with equine products. We are proud to distribute all with the support of our customers and the experiences of decades.
We are unique in that we carry a wide variety of name brands who are working with us and came to our production units stay with us for the weeks and appreciates our efforts and techniques, Many others new companies who are newer to the industry they are happy with us in maintain the standards of quality that we apply to all of our products.
We also achieve goal to add new product lines and items as often as possible.

That’s why

Asad and Sons is proud because Equine world love us and always expects some new tack innovations. We are also unique in that we offer many services to our customers as well as VIP customers, including dealership programs to support them. We also stock all our products here at our 96,000 square foot facility in Sialkot industrial Estate and Daska and we offer free local pickup from here. We feel pleasure to listen customer suggestions on how we can improve our self, or what new items we should look into our stock list as a raw
conditions. We wish you a wonderful day and thank you for taking the time to read our story when we had started and now where we are.

We hope to provide you with everything about us what you need to know, and if are more energetic to know more about us or you have any inquiries please feel free to contact us.

Kind regards,
Asad and Sons